Mongolia 2004/06 Until the end of the world

An Ovoo is a shamanistic pile of stones.That is sacred in Mongolia

Pilgrim at Gandan Monastery | Ulaanbaatar

Young monk | Ongiin Khiid monastery

Little girl at Erdene Zuu | Kharkhorin

Little girl at Erdene Zuu | Kharkhorin

Old partisan in Sükhbaatar Square | Ulaanbaatar Gombo boots

Road to Khujirt

From the window | Orkhon Waterfall

Nadaam Festival | Khujirt

Flexibility Contortionists | Ulaanbaatar

A shaman in ecstacy | Ulaanbaatar

Gher of Gombo

Ancestors Mongolian Ger Door

Shirley ♥ Temple

Family photo | Khujirt


Before the storm | Khujirt

Road to nowhere

Mongilan moon

Between the earth and the sky